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Vegan For A Day

If you refer to my previous post, you can see that even one day of eating vegan can substantially lessen your burden on the environment. To make the option of choosing to eat vegan, whether it be on occasion or indefinitely, I have outlined an example of what you may eat during a typical vegan day of eating. This is not a meal plan but is just an example of what vegan for a day can look like. I hope to make being vegan for a day accessible and to inspire people to at the very least consider the idea, but hopefully to implement it whenever possible.


oatmeal w/ frozen berries and maple syrup to sweeten

coffee w/ cashew milk


avocado smashed on 2 slices of wholegrain toast w/ hemp seeds and sliced tomato on top

whatever chopped veggies you prefer on the side (bell peppers/carrots/celery)


apple slices w/ peanut butter (soy butter if you are allergic to nuts)


curried chickpeas over rice or pasta w/ tomato sauce 


dark chocolate (dairy-free of course)

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