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Mandatory Green Movie Viewings

From documentaries to action flicks, movies have become a great source for much discussion on environmental issues in recent years. With so many 'green' movies out there now and on a wide range of topics, it's important to watch even just a few of them. Here are my top five environmental movies and why I think they're important.




5. WALL-E is not only a great animated movie but a great green one as well. I love WALL-E for it's beautiful animation and wonderful story but also for it's positive environmental message;  that the earth can be saved only if we choose to do so. WALL-E's way of discussing environmental issues is so gentle that it's perfectly approchable for anyone but especially children. 









4. The Day After Tomorrow is not a good movie, green or otherwise, but I do think it is important. Ultimately, The Day After Tomorrow is on this list because the film shows how NOT to do an environmental movie. The movie fear mongers for a good two hours and then ends with a completely unsubtle and forced presidential address that only serves to shame us on how badly we've treated the earth. How is that in any way constructive? 








3. Princess Mononoke is basically a mystical WALL-E with sword fighting and general badassery! Again, the animation is exceptional, the story is captivating, and the moral is simple; take care of the earth. For me, Princess Mononoke is only higher on this list than WALL-E because of the action. 










2. If A Tree Falls is an great and important green movie because it tells the story of environmentalism pushed to the point of radicalism. This documentary shows the point that someone will go to save earth, even if it is outside the law or morality. 










1. An Inconvenient Truth is probably the most important environmental movie in recent history because of the enormous impact it has had. Personally, I think it's an amazing documentary if not only because of the sheer amount of facts the movie has! An Inconvenient Truth is so incredibly informative, it's basically a 90 minute long TED Talk. Al Gore also does a wonderful job in this film but the charts, graphs, and information are the real star.

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