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This Term's Writer

Hey Friends (since you're reading The Green Medium and I'm writing for it, I think that qualifies as grounds for friendship, if we aren’t friends already)! I’m Gillian and I just wanted to introduce myself as your resident writer for the next two weeks.

Here's a lil’ background info on yours truly: I am a computer engineering student, amateur painter, sometimes writer, dog lover, self proclaimed coffee connoisseur, photography enthusiast, world traveler, occasional yogi, literature geek and I try my very best to be an environmentally conscious occupant of this beautiful planet

I think I’ll try to center my articles around the intersection of tech and the environment (broad I know, but a narrow focus is not my forte). Like almost everyone else, my life revolves around technology, but, being a computer engineering student, I deal with tech in a more intimate way than others might. Hopefully this topic is (at least mildly) relatable for you guys!

Here’s a candid pic of me fixing my hair! Life is hard when your resting face looks like you’re about to cry (haha). 

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