This Term's Writer / by The Green Medium

Yo! My name’s Michelle and it looks like you’re stuck with me for the next week. I don’t exactly know how to explain myself. I guess if I had to (and I sort of DO have to) I would say that I’m a hot mess of discombobulation. I LOVE being confused. Steering my brain in and out of perplexities seems to be the only way I get anywhere. That being said, I tend to lean away from subjects with a clear definitive answer, and instead focus my time on navigating the world of the arts. Like anything science-related, the logistics of environmentalism often intimidate me but at the end of the day, the earth is the earth and WE ALL LIVE HERE. I mean, that’s what makes the whole environmentalism thing so darn fascinating to me. It’s so accessible! Anyone can help take care of this planet no matter how old, young, or single you are! HOW COOL IS THAT. 

So in terms of what to expect for this week, imagine yourself holding two strings: the first one is entitled “Planet Earth” and the second one is entitled “Confused Artsy Millennial”. Now tie a giant knot with those strings and my writing is somewhere in the middle of that knot. I’m not too sure we’ll ever untangle that mess, but alas, it might be fun to try.