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This Term's Writer

Hi friends, my name is Ben Freeman and I’ll be taking over this blog up until the new year! I’m a second year mechanical engineering student, this is my second time writing for the Green Medium, it’s two days before Christmas, and since the last term I was here I’ve had a second concussion, got a second job, celebrated annoying my girlfriend for a second year, and realized that I don’t know any numbers except 1 and 2.

Overall, this next set of articles (more than two?) will probably represent a bit of a temporary departure from normal Green Medium content, with a bit more of a focus on situations that aren’t products of human influence on the environment. That is, we’ll be looking at super-festive, super-Christmasy topics like earthquakes and solar storms because I, truly, am absolutely filled with the spirit of the season.

Unlike last time, nice photos of me do exist now, so here’s a cute one of me & the illustrious Elizabeth Gierl (Green Medium co-founder) sitting on some stairs:

No, I don't know what my hair is doing either.

No, I don't know what my hair is doing either.

I’ll be back in a bit


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