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This Term's Writer: Feo


            Hey there! Do you ever feel like the system’s getting you down? Like there’s a big, chunky, oppressive structure weighing down on you, filling you with doubt on hopes of a better tomorrow? Cool, me too!

            My name’s Feo, and I’m going to be your writer-in-residence this week. If we’re going to be accurate, I’m only here for this one weekend, because I’ve procrastinated the rest of my week away. Get excited, because this crash course is rapid fire. Anyways, for the next three days, we’re going to talk about some of my favourite things: structuralism, anti-capitalism, and how it all relates to mass social movements like environmentalism!

            I’m a second-year university student in psychology and sociology, and there’s a reason for those academic choices; I’m particularly interested in large-scale institutions such as governments and the economy (that is, macrosociology), and their effects on the psychology and mental health of groups and individuals. But as an extension of that, I’m also fascinated by how movements such as feminism and environmentalism coexist and counter those structures.

            Fundamentally, I believe that the capitalist economic model, as well as the individualist ideology that allows it to thrive, is the most pressing enemy of the environmentalist movement; not people who shower for an hour, not the red meat industry, and not even politicians who allow the construction of pipelines. Those are all just symptoms of a profoundly sick economic system, and trying to fight them is like trying to repair the nose of a syphilitic patient – things might look better, but your patient will still die.

            And on that note, I’ll see you soon!

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