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Thrifty Business, Part 2

Even though we have learned of thrifting’s specific environmental benefits, people still have their reservations. Working at a thrift store, I see many first-time/only-time customers shopping around Halloween, which can perpetuate the notion that used clothing is costumey, dated and of poor quality. While some of my favourite thrift pieces squarely fall into the “costumey and dated” category (shoulder pads, anyone?), this is not the case for the majority of items you will find.

I have put together a collection of some of my favourite thrifted clothes to show off the fashionable potential of shopping used. All of these items were obtained specifically at “thrift” stores and most cost no more than $10 each.

(My apologies for the phone-quality images!)

Clockwise from top left: cardigan - $5, Eddie Bauer flannel (new condition) - $15, lace crop top - $4, Calvin Klein jeans - $9, Doc Martens shoes - $9, a-line skirt - $6.

Clockwise from top left: floral dress - $8, winter coat - $26, lingerie robe - $4, sunglasses - $3, American Apparel disco shorts (new condition) - $10, chunky heels - $9.


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