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Playlist For the Earth

Itching to discover a new musician but never seem to have the time or motivation to look into who’s who in the music scene? Perhaps this article(that’s slightly starting to sound like an infomercial) will be the end to all your problems! Earlier on in the Green Medium archive, a dear friend of mine, Matt Gwodz posted movie suggestions that link to the environment and some of it’s disasters (briefly jumping on that wagon, I highly recommend watching the documentary Cowspiracy... It’s wild). Below, I have highlighted a few bands that are using their musical talents and fan base to promote awareness and bring forth change towards environmental issues. Some of these artists are directly integrating their message in the lyrics they write, while others are promoting change with the network they have gained through music. 

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The Jellyfish Project: Mindil Beach

What can I say about The Jellyfish Project other than it is a brilliant concept to engage youth in our community to rethink the detrimental outcome most of our habits have on the environment. Founded by the late Daniel Kingsbury and presented by the Mindil Beach group, The Jellyfish Project is a gateway for youth to be engaged, to voice their opinions and to be heard. Mindil Beach band members travel to schools across Canada for free, delivering an exhilarating yet insightful presentation to all age groups. They inform and encourage students to understand the reality our ocean is currently facing while guiding them to rethink their current habits. A few of us at my former high school organized for this group to perform at our school and the entire experience was nothing short of exceptional. If you or anyone you know is currently in school or have younger siblings, I strongly encourage you all to consider inviting the Jellyfish Project to a school near you! Two of the band members were educated by Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project and the group is backed by numerous organizations such as the David Suzuki Foundation, Mission Blue, Young Agrarians, 350 and many more.

Check them out!

Midnight Oil

The Australian band itself was well known for their political activism on anti-nuclear, environmentalism and indigenous causes. The band later split when lead singer, Peter Garrett left to pursue his interest in politics. To highlight some of his work, Garrett served as the President of the Australian Conservation Foundation, served as the Minister of the Environment, Heritage and the Arts and was later appointed a Member of the Order of Australia for his contribution to the environment and music industry.  Ways to describe Midnight Oil’s music is intense, powerful, uncompromising, inspiring and hella motivating. This band took all kinds of risks and never took no for an answer. If the lyrics do not make you stop and think about all the madness in the world, I have no idea what will. 

River Runs Red 

This song is literally the anthem for environmentalism. The entire song weaves resonating messages towards the environmental decay caused by destructive human behaviour. The underlying meaning of the title is that nature and the environment is slowly but surely being killed by humans. 

Blue Sky Mine 

The song is referencing one of Australia’s greatest industrial disasters, Wittenoom asbestos mine in Western Australia. Blue asbestos was mined between 1947 to 1966 and during that time, the original settlers used asbestos in gardens, school yards and roads, which turned a once thriving town into a no show, boarded up ghost town. 

Read About It 

I find the song is laying down the difficulty people have with staying informed, while trying to avoid tainted information media typically releases where they often times withhold certain information or water it down so they lessen the urgency for change. 

Jack Johnson

Aside from having one of the most laid back, zen ways of performing, Jack Johnson repeatedly creates timeless pieces that also hold a great meaning to them. The Hawaiian born singer/songwriter is also the co-founder of Kōkua Hawai’i Foundation , a program that supports environmental education in the schools and communities of Hawaii. Whether it’d be supporting environmental organizations to selling eco-friendly merch or driving biodiesel fuelled buses, Jack is always considering the Earth in whatever it is he decides to pursue.

3 R’s 

The Horizon has Been Defeated 


All At Once

With My Own Two Hands- Jack Johnson ft. Ben Harper 


Tryo is a group from France that is described as having an “unplugged” acoustic feel to their music. Tryo started in 1995 with members Christophe Mali, Guizmo, Emmanuel Eveno and Daniel Bravo and have been known for their politically charging lyrics and striking environmental commitments. You can often see this band performing at WWF, Greenpeace and in general environmental rallies spreading the urgent message that we all need to pay more attention to the issues all of life is facing with the climate. I was introduced to Tryo by my host family I stayed with while in southern France a few years back and I have been hooked ever since. 

Toi et moi 


L'hymne de nos campagnes

          SATURDAY MARCH 19TH BETWEEN                      8:30PM - 9:30PM IS EARTH HOUR!

It is never too late to join the Earth Hour movement, here are some quick facts and a little playlist to get you ready for the big night.

  • Earth hour started on March 31st, 2007 as a WWF campaign in Sydney, Australia to raise awareness on several global climate issues by hosting a LIGHTS OFF event
  • It is a world-wide movement that aims to promote individuals to lead their lives with sustainability in mind. Turning off the lights is a simple yet effective visual towards our (most times) unnecessary energy consumption.
  • It is honestly the easiest way to voice your concerns for the environment. Spread the word among family and friends that you will be turning the lights out in support of the earth we all call home
  • Check out events happening in your community that are supporting the movement. If you find yourself with not much to do, take this opportunity to relax! Have dinner by the candlelight, play a board game, enjoy the company of family/friends or even venture out for a walk around town, the options are endless!

Ocean - John Butler  Toi et moi - Tryo  The Horizon has Been Defeated - Jack Johnson  Sprawl ll (Mountains Beyond Mountains) - Arcade Fire  Nothing But Flower - Talking Heads  Read About It - Midnight Oil  Radioactive - Imagine Dragons  New Tomorrow - A Friend in London  Gone Going (ft. Jack Johnson) - The Black Eyed Peas  L'hymne de nos campagnes - Tryo  Hey World (Don’t Give Up) - Michael Franti  Colors of the Wind- Pocahontas  Man In the Mirror - Michael Jackson  Ocean Man - Ween

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