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Hello, hello, hello! My name is Monique Roy and I have the utmost pleasure of being a guest collaborator for The Green Medium from March 7th - 21st (!!!).  Around a year and a half ago, I was a member of the Alberta Youth Council for the Environment and worked directly with a group called Grasp, an initiative to engage the unengaged on environmental issues. Grasp was an amazing experience; it allowed me to put my interest in filmmaking to the test. The collaborations and projects I was apart of were nothing short of inspiring and I only hope to spark some form of inspired urgency among those who will be reading my blurbs over the next two weeks. I am currently taking some time off between school to mostly work, but I do find myself getting involved in little projects here and there or volunteering up a storm for all sorts of events! Past credits include Project Manager for Geomeer’s Helping Hampers, member of HASTe (Harry Ainlay Sustainability Team), Me to We member and We Day Crowd Pumper, sound technician for Edmonton’s Folk Music Festival, several different sports teams, volunteered for political campaigns (Rachel Notley May 2015, Brian Fleck September/October 2015), MS Bike Tour Camrose 2014 and a mild obsession with theatre (#ham4ham gets me through the week).   

I have been a vegetarian for close to 6 years now but mainly follow a 95% plant based diet on a daily basis. I like to see myself as a conscious individual, thinking things through and planning ahead with the actions I make today and the outcomes they’ll have on others (including myself) tomorrow and for years to come. I believe that its important for us to expose ourselves to ideas, to share our opinions and constantly develop these opinions based on new information we pick up. The more we know and the more we share, the stronger we can become in our convictions and our actions. I am stoked to get some hip content underway.

Thanks a heap to my dear friends Elizabeth and Matt for making what was once Grasp’s final brainstorming session bloom into, what we all know today as The Green Medium. You are both the bees knees and are endlessly spreading greatness among those you encounter. 

Y’all come back now,


Apologies if this image is obscenely large  

Apologies if this image is obscenely large  

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