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This Term's Writer

This Term's Writer

Hello everyone,

my name is Haley Crowley, and I will be writing for The Green Medium until May 7, 2016. I first arrived in Edmonton on March 24, 1997, and have lived here ever since. As I aged, I began to develop many interests, including an extensive affection for the natural world and all of its complexities. After just recently completing my first year at the University of Alberta, I am looking forward to continuing in a Plant Biology program. I know, it sounds cute. I quite like plants. But enough about me. For the next two weeks I look forward to examining topics in environmental sustainability, biodiversity, and petty larceny. That last one is a lie.

I hope you all have a thrill reading what is to come. In the words of Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes, "It's a magical world Hobbes ol' buddy. Let's go exploring". 

Just switch out Hobbes for your name.   






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Happy Earth Day!