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THIS Term's Writer

THIS Term's Writer

Ah! I'm late! So sorry, I was actually out camping with my class (only in high school so yes, I do still have classes). Allow me to introduce myself!


I'm Tazmeen.

I'll be here for a 2 week term! ( of them is almost over...oh well!)

Nature makes me real happy and I just so happen to be a vegan (17 months and counting :)). I like donating my hair because it is a great excuse for cutting it (religiously not supposed to but I REAAAALLY like trying things). Hippie clothes make me feel alive.

I really like the sciences and bad grammar irks me (but I make mistakes myself so I'm a bit of a hypocrite that way). 

I am the co-exec of a healthy lifestyle club at my high school and I could talk about healthy eating for ages and I probably will some time soon so I hope you look forward to it >.< 

Here's cool pic of Neature I took/stole (potato potahto) plus a little bit of iPhone magic! ...or maybe not since internet hates me.

Those Pesky Pests: Invasive Species

Those Pesky Pests: Invasive Species