Those Pesky Pests: Invasive Species / by The Green Medium

An open field with rich, green grass. A little, old, wooden house off to the side atop a low hill. A dirt trail that begins at the doors of the house, then vanishes among the rolling hills that outline the horizon.
And everything is dotted with yellow.
It's not a canola field, nor a flock of wild sunflowers.
It's weeds. Dandelions. Those nasty little invaders that farmers despise. The bright, ubiquitous aliens who demand all your attention.

That introduced species.

They weren't always here, but that's pretty difficult to believe. We see them EVERYWHERE! But it's true. Many of the species we consider weeds were actually introduced by Europeans when they firsts began venturing to North America. Many were grown intentionally for decorative purposes or for consumption! Now they grow rampant and we can't seem to get rid of them.

Other than being annoying, invasive species can actually be detrimental to the natural environment! They compete with other species for natural resources and can disrupt the food chain by depleting the population of an entire trophic level. Their own populations can also get out of hand if they don't have any natural predators in their introduced environment.

There's a lot to say about introduced species, so how about this neat video that explains a lot better than I?

Of course, there may be some reasons why an introduced species could be a good thing. Maybe. Comment about your thoughts on introduced species below! 

I hope you enjoyed Time with Taz :))))