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Good evening good evening good evening good evening

I am Ben Freeman and I’ve been given the honour of taking over this ship for the next week, now that I don’t need to deal with engineering for four months (insert dancing gif here) and there’s plenty of time to be researching and writing articles on the environment. And I may have been bribed with macarons. Maybe.

There’s some pretty cool things to know about the natural world, so I’ll at least be attempting to drop some sweet knowledge on everybody over the next couple of articles, and we’ll see where this takes us. Extreme nerdiness may ensue. In the meantime, I’ll try to make the science as fun as possible (Randall Munroe is a real hero for me), and at least attempt to not accidentally burn down the site in the process.

Just to start off, this site is really cool and you should all check it out if you like way too much satellite data and have an awful lot of time to kill.

At this point previous writers have put photos of themselves. Nice photos of me do not yet exist, so instead I lined up one of the best photos of all time just to whet your palate.

Would you just look at that man smile

Anyway, I should let you all get back to your days. Thanks for tuning in, I’ll be back sometime midweek for round 1 of the real meat of the meal.

See you later,



My One True Love (or the hidden gem that is the temperate deciduous woodland)