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The Term Writer Who Didn't Know How to Smile

The moodiest selfie  

The moodiest selfie  

Hello, my name is Akosua and I'm going to be serving Green Medium readers from June 26 to July 3. I'm eighteen and freshly graduated and ready to tackle everything in front of me. I've always wanted to write for the Green Medium and I'm excited for this opportunity! I'm not as environmentally conscious as I would like to be, but I try and keep myself educated. One of the things that I've been learning more about recently is the Zero Waste lifestyle. This week I am challenging myself to live a Zero Waste lifestyle! I'll be posting more about what Zero Waste is, and keeping a weeklong diary documenting my attempts at the lifestyle. I'll post the diary at the end of the week! Again, I'm so glad to be here and I'm excited for what the week will bring. 

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