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Which is Greener: Cars, Subways, or Bikes?

NOTE: Whenever I say "cost", I am making reference not only to the purchasing price, but more importantly to the toll that it takes on the environment to have said item manufactured, tested, treated and transported. Also, I don't have any stats for this post. On that happy note, let's begin!

I think I'd say that CARS are the least-green. They cost so much for the initial sale, and they're constantly sucking out life from the planet with all their fumes and constantly renewed functionings (like oil-change, tire change, etc.). And after a car accident, they basically need a newly manufactured half-car to fix all those broken bits (times 2 for the other guy), or a literal new car. Which, again, is going to cost for the initial sale and all it's re-personalization. And, of course, multiply all this by thirty-some million Canadians with an average of 2-3 cars per household, and it's basically TOO COSTLY! So CARS, I put you at the bottom of my eco-friendly list.

Next off are SUBWAY TRAINS (or trams or light trail or metro line or whatever else you wish to title them). Running most often on electricity these days (except Japan with their electromagnetic bullet trains O.o), making them insanely eco-friendly compared to all that gas burned by CARS. No fuel mining, no fumes, no fuss! Well, other than manufacturing costs which we can quite accurately assume to be a bit higher than those of cars. There has to be taken into account the costs:

  • of each initial and replacement car (or section or whatever other terminology appeases you),
  • of manufacturing and constructing the rails,
  • of digging up the Earth so we can actually get under it (subterranean trains obviously can't be visible) and then
  • building tunnels to keep the Earth from crushing the subways, and finally
  • of constructing each station where the train will stop

Over the long run, TRAINS will probably even out all the environmental costs that go into their construction, but I think I'll wait till I see it before putting TRAINS at the top of my eco-friendly list.

This leaves us with one last option: BIKES. One-time purchasing cost that is almost non-existent compared to the costs of CARS and TRAINS (1 $6000 car vs 30 $200 bikes, hmm). No fuel required. Repairs tend to include a metal bar or two. They keep our people fit. What more need I say? BIKES, you're my #1. ;) 

I hope you enjoyed Taz time :)))

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