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This Week's Writer

Hey, my name is Julia writing here at the green medium for the next week. 

Like all of you (I'm assuming) I very much live on this planet, and if you truly can not come up with a more heartfelt reason to care about the state of the earth, I figure we can all embrace environmental consciousness as far as it directly affects the location of our own existence. If you are here reading an environmental blog in your free time I'm sure you already care about our planet beyond it's ability to sustain your own individual life, so hopefully we can have an alright time this week and I can still manage to get you thinking (or at least mildly interested, who knows). This week I want to explore aspects of environmentalism that I feel directly impact my everyday life and interests, so hopefully these'll be interesting to all you guys too (unless my life and interests are actually really strange, again who knows).

And, because this seems to be the custom, here's a picture of me so you can put a face to the person throwing words at you all week




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