This Term's Writer / by The Green Medium

Hello, lovely people! My name is Eric Shapiro and I will be The Green Medium’s term writer from July 17-31 (but I may be forced to leave since I’m still pretty sure this is all one big mistake). I’m pretty excited about this since I’ve always enjoyed writing, but I’ve actually never formally blogged before, so we'll just have to suffer through my writing together. The environment has always been an important issue for me even though I wouldn’t consider myself an activist by any means; the issues I’ll be discussing will be a bit varied since there’s simply so many environmental topics to choose from. Because I’m a sociology student at the U of A, I’ll most likely lean towards less “sciency” and more societal topics since that’s where my interests lie. Anyways, I’m looking forward to the next 2 weeks – I guarantee you I’ll embarrass myself at least once so at least there’ll be some entertainment value in that (or, you know, learning a thing or two about the environment would be cool too). Also I seriously have no respectable photos of me to post, so here's a photo I took of one of Edmonton's beautiful sunsets a couple months back.