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Intro and some thoughts on being Outside

There's a rusty old billboard in my father's hometown, a hill-filled and spotted-with-green city in Macedonia, that roughly translates to "walking is the cure for all ills". Around the area are gravelly trails, trees clumped together, and every once in a while, remnants of old sporting complexes which served as olympic training facilities. It's a unique area, a special anomaly in the sense that the dense heart of the city is just a walkable distance away from a rougher, forest-like wild.

If I'm being honest I remember next to none of the historic details I've been told about the city on walks I would take with family from the area, about uprisings and wartime occupancy, but I recall with ease our surroundings that served as physical backdrops, living witnesses, to these stories.

The billboard is old but its plain message is one of those sayings that is annoyingly truthful in just how simple it is. There's a comfort to be found just by being outside. That comfort only exists however, if there are still green spaces to find ourselves lost in, if we make ourselves responsible and accountable for the future preservation of such environments to explore and protect. 

I'm Bella and I'm excited to be your resident writer at The Green Medium this coming week! It brings me a lot of joy to have read previous guest writers, all contributing to this positive little island on the internet, and I can't wait to join in.