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Introduction: Editor's Favorites

Hello Readers!

My name is Elizabeth ( if you are reading this you likely know me) I am the editor who recruits (bullies) new writers for the Green medium (GM) . I wrote for the GM a million years ago (about a year and a half ago.. That is right the GM is a year and a half old.. Wooot woot!!).

So you might be wondering why I am bothering you.


Recently I went scrolling through the GM archives and I was astonished by all of the cool shit I found. Seriously there is loads of fantastic content that needs to be revisited so I am starting this section to showcase some old favorites. Also I messed up scheduling.. Which happens from time to time  so whenever I mess up scheduling expect some old favorites to appear on the blog under the header “Editor's Favorites “!

Also, I wanted to take a moment to thank the 38 FANTASTIC writers we have had on the blog so far. We are stupidly close to 50 writers (the goal of the blog) and I am so so so excited about it.

Thanks for reading,

I hope that you will enjoy this new section!

With love,


.. here is a picture of me and my two favorite things concrete and plants!



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