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This Terms Writer: Kyle Folk

Hey guys! Sorry for the slight delay. I myself, like many of the writers or the Green Medium, am in post secondary. Currently in the middle of mid terms at NAIT for Engineering Draft and Design Technology in Edmonton AB. I am also working in Leduc with a company called Electric Horse Power where we focus on innovating new technologies based off of electrical energy and improved efficiency and trying to start up my own company to make gear for people such as myself. 

Outside of all the regular stuff I live for exploration whether it be in the rural, urban or underwater. I try to leave the country at least once a year to enjoy nature and have some time living away from the daily routine that is so well known. During my time in high school I took an interest in scuba diving before taking a few courses to become a certified PADI Divemaster. Since then I have became certified in many things and throughout all that time I learned a lot about our oceans and beaches and the importance they have on our lives. I will also be talking about energy and efficiency since it's mind blowing how much of it is wasted and how little of it we actually know how to harvest and put to use.

This is a just a quick intro to say hello! You have a couple of days to prepare yourself so we can dive into this together. My little sister asked me to volunteer at Strathcona composite high school's annual bike-a-thon fundraiser so I'll let you know how it goes!

Be back soon!

-Kyle F

Sunrise somewhere in Jasper National Park, Canada during a quick trip to Marmot Basin.

Sunrise somewhere in Jasper National Park, Canada during a quick trip to Marmot Basin.

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