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This Term's Writer: Marlee Willier

Hi everyone! My name is Marlee Willier, and I’ll be this term’s writer! Right now I’m on summer break, however in the fall I will be starting my second year at the University of Alberta with a major in Chemistry. Some of my favorite things in the whole world include Harry Potter, The Beatles, Christmas time (IMO the best holiday) and spending way too much time doodling.

I’m really excited to contribute to The Green Medium! To be honest, environmentalism is not a topic I’m that familiar with, however I’m confident that my contributions over the next week will not only be a learning experience for others but also myself. Right now, it’s the beginning of summer, and it only takes one quick glance outside to realize how quickly our environment is changing. Let’s embrace it.


The University of Alberta campus in September!

The University of Alberta campus in September!

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