This Term's Writer: Erin Whitby / by The Green Medium

Hello! My name is Erin. It’s very nice to meet you. 

I will be writing a few posts for the Green Medium this week. Here is some relevant information about myself. 

1.  I am a student. I just finished my second year at the University of Alberta. Now you can contextualize my thoughts.

2.  I really like graphs. I am going to do my best to incorporate graphs into my posts. Nice ones! With colours! And beautifully represented data! Are you excited?

3.  My apologies, but I’m a bit of a pedant. I thought I would warn you now so that later, when I’m writing out definitions to terms that we all know the meaning of, you can roll your eyes and sigh knowingly.

I understand that I am supposed to provide a picture of myself. Below are two artistic representations that depict me better than any photo could.