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This Term's Writer: Isabella Nikolaidis

Hello all! I’m Bella and I’ll be your resident writer at the Green Medium this week. 

I’m currently a student living in Montreal. Now in the summer, I’ve been spending time off from work in some beautiful public parks (and, I will admit, an equal amount indoors, lazing and reading in front of a fan to escape the heat). 

I have had the opportunity to write for the Green Medium once before, and am so proud and excited to have seen this project grow since. It’s an absolute privilege to be able to share this online space with other youth interested in combatting a response of apathy to environmental issues, and Elizabeth, Matt, and Sam deserve huge congratulations in recently receiving an Alberta Emerald Award for maintaining this platform since it was but a humble sprout!

Thank you! I’ll be back in subsequent posts to talk about shark tracking, as well as everyone’s favourite architecture brat, Frank Lloyd Wright.

Wishing you a mind-clearing walk in the sun,


(As far as introductory pictures go - here's a capture of me feeling guilty after picking some daisies on a nighttime bike ride. Thanks as always to Julia Heaton for keeping me accountable!)


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