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This Term's Writer: Olamide Olaleye

Hello cool people! My name is Olamide (uh-lah-me-day) and I’m excited to be joining the Green Medium project as this term’s writer… partly because I was told there would be cookies and also because it isn’t everyday you get to engage with, and learn from peers who are very committed to making tomorrow just a little bit brighter.

A little bit about myself, I spent my early life in Lagos, Nigeria, a city rich in history, culture and character. Home to over 17 million people, the diversity of thought, character and ambition in that wonderful conurbation remains the bedrock in which my passion for sustainability and effective policy implementation reside.

My interests surround systems that involve individuals interacting with their environment or with one another...the reason being the need to understand the uncertainty present within attempts at establishing guiding principles that account for actions occurring in said systems and their subsequent real world consequences. Such systems offer a keen observer the chance to identify and predict pathways of actions or behaviours that can lead to optimal outcomes. I believe this could hold true for anything ranging from public health programs to international trade or even sporting activities. That being said, this kind of knowledge, if coupled with strategic long term thinking and a deep understanding of where our priorities as a collective lie, can effect tangible and positive change wherever we go. 

TL;DR- we can hack real life.

Well, that's my mantra anyways...

I haven't really decided on where I'll be taking you yet but I’ll probably explore topics related to energy policy, supply chains, public infrastructure and the like… I don’t know how I’m going to fill my blog allotment but I guess that’s part of the fun! I study at the JR Shaw School of Business currently and I have a little bit of a background in economics, psychology and applied mathematics.

It’s a lovely setup Elizabeth and co. have here, I hope I can contribute something nice and help spur ideas for the future.


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