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This Term's Writer: Valerie Willier

Hey everyone! My name is Valerie, and I'll be this term's writer. I hope it was a sunny, beautiful day for you. 

I'd like to first acknowledge the fact that getting the opportunity to write on a blog like this is such an honour and a privilege. Trust me when I say that I have tried to run a blog MANY times, but consistency is such a huge problem for me, and it never worked out personally (except for the Tumblr blog I made in 2012 to show off my devotion to the Beatles - that was actually awesome). It makes me incredibly happy to see something like this take off, and for it to be carrying on steadily, happily, and healthily. 

Currently I am enjoying my summer vacation in my little town by the lake, focusing on my all-time favourite things, which include but are not limited to: music, visiting my crazy cousins as much as possible, sleeping, organizing, planning ahead, and taking care of my two dogs (who are the loves of my life) Bennie and Bo. I am tremendously proud to say that I am an Indigenous student/scholar/dreamer attending the University of Alberta, working towards a degree in Physics. Although I have to say, that math degree looks pretty tempting too! 

Thank you for reading this, and I hope to share some information that you find interesting over the next couple days. I apologize for this introductory post being so late, but it is getting to that time of year where time needs to be dedicated to lining things up smoothly for whats to come (I'm talking about you, fall semester!). Cheers to you, I'll be back soon. :) 


A picture I took of the lake near my home one summer evening (Slave Lake, AB). 

A picture I took of the lake near my home one summer evening (Slave Lake, AB). 

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