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This Term's Writer: Allie Quigley

*ahem … tap. tap. tap … Hello…  is this thing on?

Hey there! My name is Allie Quigley and I’ll be your resident writer for this week! I am a recent high school graduate, (W.P Wagner) and am heading to the University of Alberta in the fall, for the Faculty of Arts. When asked to describe myself, my go to is always, I’m a Musician! Music is a huge part of my life! I recently completed my Royal Conservatory 10 Piano Exam, I like to compose and I teach private piano lessons. Although it takes up a lot of my time, I’m planning on spending the next year exploring other “loves", such as history and political issues. I discovered the Green Medium through my friend Kaelin, who was a resident writer a couple weeks ago. This platform is super awesome and reading the various perspectives from youth is really encouraging, knowing that there ARE other people who care about the environment and can voice positive perspectives, the issue often can seem hopeless. I hope you enjoy some of my thoughts. :)



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