The Green Medium is an Emerald Award-winning, youth-run blog that seeks to innovate how we discuss and inform ourselves on environmental concerns.

A New Chapter



The Green Medium is excited to announce that some major changes are coming to the blog over the coming year.

First and most importantly, The Green Medium has partnered with the Alberta Emerald Foundation (AEF), a provincial not-for-profit charity that recognizes and celebrates environmental excellence in our province, through programs like the Emerald Awards (The Green Medium received the Youth Emerald Award in 2017). Over the next year, we will produce blog posts, articles and videos inspired by the work of past Emerald Award recipients and finalists. The content we produce will also be featured across AEF’s social media and website ( We at The Green Medium are so honoured and excited to be collaborating with the AEF.

Second of all, The Green Medium will be publishing a series of research articles and documents written by three of its writers; Sam Goertz, Elizabeth Gierl, and Matthew Gwozd. Over the past summer, each writer researched a different aspect of energy, the environment, and the energy transition in Alberta. Sam’s research focused on the political side of energy and environmentalism in Alberta and so his articles and documents will discuss climate and environmental policy in Alberta as well as further changes that could be made to Alberta’s climate policy. Elizabeth’s research focused on the industrial side of energy in Alberta and accordingly her articles and documents will discuss the past and future of energy in Alberta as well as Alberta’s transition to renewable energy. Finally, Matthew’s research focused on the public discussion around energy in Alberta and accordingly his documents will discuss public narratives and common misconceptions that are holding back Alberta’s transition to renewable energy. Each writer’s articles and documents will be published periodically over the coming year so look forward to some interesting and informative content in the coming months.

Finally, The Green Medium is sad to announce that it will not be continuing its resident writers program over the coming year. The blog has reached its goal of fifty resident writers and so more time and energy will be put towards the partnership with The Emerald Foundation and into the research.

We thank you for reading the work of our wonderful writers over the past two years and we encourage you to stick around as The Green Medium moves forward. Take care!

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