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This Term's Writer: Jenna Jaikaran

Hello! My name is Jenna and I will be your resident writer for this term. I’m just about to begin my second year at the University of Alberta studying Visual Communication Design with a Business minor. Sustainable-focused design is something that I am passionate about and wish to integrate into my practice as much as possible. 

This summer, I travelled to Argentina and spent three weeks in Buenos Aires, the capital and one of the largest cities in South America. The trip was incredible and eye-opening, filled with amazing food, art, and culture. I was fascinated by the systems in place that enabled so many people to coexist in extremely close proximity to one another. In my term at the Green Medium, I’ll be relaying some of my findings about Buenos Aires’ sustainability efforts as well as their city planning and transit that I experienced during my time there.

Jenna Jaikaran


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