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Our Climate Policy Plan

Our Climate Policy Plan


The purpose of this plan is to provide viable policy options for the Government of Alberta and its municipalities in combatting climate change, gaining greater energy independence, creating sustainable jobs, eliminating pollution, and beyond. This plan is by no means meant to be the stand alone Climate Plan that governs Alberta but is meant to be a credible document which will influence the Government and fit in with the Alberta Climate Leadership Plan and other related documents. Specific legislation is not our goal with this document; influence, youth perspective, and opening the door to more options is.

It is my intention, and that of The Green Medium as an organization that this plan be read widely, by policy maker and everyday citizen alike. Without getting bogged down in specific policy points, what I have provided here is a document that outlines many possible areas of growth that can be accessed by any level of government. I encourage you to share the plan with your circles or specific parts if you so wish. This plan is for all of Alberta and for all Albertans to discuss, debate, dissect, and implement. May we all buy into a future of our province and our progeny that we can be proud of, thank you for reading.

The options outlined here have been heavily inspired by the work of Project Drawdown and the 100 substantive solutions outlined in its book. From the entire team behind The Green Medium to the entire team behind Drawdown, thank you.

The Breakdown

Part 1 - The Environmental Situation in Alberta

  • Part 1 will focus on the current state of the environment in Alberta, areas of risk, GHG emissions, reliance of local economies on fossil fuels, Alberta’s climate, and an overarching risk assessment pulled from public research

Part 2 - Our Plan: The Province

  • Part 2 takes a look at the Province as a whole and what areas and sectors are in need of further action. This will look at what falls within the Province’s jurisdiction that do not fall within the City or Town labels. The Government of Alberta will have a serious stake in the policy plans succeeding it (Cities and Towns) but this stake is more indirect, versus directly through legislation.

Part 3 - Our Plan: The Cities

  • Part 3 will focus on how cities can become sustainable, and even carbon neutral. Cities have historically been bigger carbon emitters per capita but that is rapidly changing and can change even further. Here, we set out policies and models for cities to adopt in order to achieve their sustainability goals while also ensuring that they remain a great place to live

Part 4 - Our Plan: The Towns

  • Cities get most of the press but over 15% of Albertans still live in Towns or smaller municipalities. Therefore, they are crucial in making Alberta a true Climate Leader. This section will be much like the City section but will heavily focus on and analyze the Town of Devon as a model for Albertan towns.

Our Plan: What Alberta's Facing

Our Plan: What Alberta's Facing

Myth: “Canadian Oil and Gas is more ethical"

Myth: “Canadian Oil and Gas is more ethical"