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The EcoHero Blog Series is powered by Alberta's Emerald Foundation and inspired by great environmental work in Alberta. The series serves to showcase Albertans that are doing impactful environmental work as well as generate discussions around environmentalism and the future of our planet.


Environmentalism and Entrepreneurship: A better Alberta

"Businesses and entrepreneurs are not just working to adapt to the new, more environmentally conscious social paradigm-- they’re also leading the change in many ways."


Urban Wastelands: Our trash and its future

"Imagine it’s 100 years from now, and future generations want a snapshot of how we lived. Do we want our lives to be immortalized in a deep hole of plastic bags, hot dogs, coffee cups, tattered clothes, and patio decorations?" 


A Q&A w/ the chair of NAIT's Alternative energy TECHNOLOGY program

"I think one of the biggest [obstacles] is that companies really dislike uncertainty and risk. We need to set up as much certainty in the market as possible for what’s still perceived as a pretty big risk to a lot of bankers and financiers."